You’re probably an amateur.

In all my grand daydreams of the future, success is something that happens overnight. It's something that someone achieves after a couple days—maybe weeks—of trying. But that simply isn't true. In reality, successful people don't stride, they take a long series of slow, honest steps towards whatever they're chasing. For twenty-somethings today, this is what… Continue reading You’re probably an amateur.

You don’t have to be _________ anymore.

Nobody has ever accused me of being a lovey-dovey, empathetic comforter of people. You know those people right? The people that hurting people flock to when they’re enduring real pain in life? The inspirational folks who make you feel like a million bucks because you’re breathing? Yeah, that’s not me. In fact, more often I’ve… Continue reading You don’t have to be _________ anymore.

I’m still figuring out what happened in Southeast Asia.

2AM - Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (pronounced soo-wanna-poom because nothing in Thai is pronounced like you think it should be) airport. After delays and 23 hours of flying I’ve arrived and found myself lost in a herd of people who know I definitely don’t belong. My backpack is strapped tightly across my shoulders with a few US dollars in… Continue reading I’m still figuring out what happened in Southeast Asia.