Hey, Matt.

My name is Jordan and I’m not experienced enough to join your team.

The problem is: I think I belong there. I’m convinced I have the potential to be Future Perfect for a role at Proof.

Last December I graduated from Florida State University, a place that most notably afforded me the opportunity to cover myself in 3 pounds of glitter once a week as a student mascot for our football team. (Go Noles.) Eventually we landed a feature on ESPN, a spread in ESPN the Magazine and a spot in a DisneyWorld commercial.

Not as itchy as it looks.
Disney commercial with a few of our mascot friends.

After graduating I was offered a seemingly incredible job managing warehouse operations with a company named Amazon. The position paid outrageously well, looked great on a resume, and was known to suck the life out of its victims. For me, that just wasn’t worth it.

Instead I took a Gap Semester. Spending my days writing (I wrote a some words about God that 250,000 people read once), investing in the people around me and traveling. A lot of traveling.  New Years in Washington, DC. A week in the Republic of Panama with a college buddy who grew up there. Five weeks vagabonding around Thailand and Cambodia. I even spent two weeks with my best friend living out of a minivan while we ventured across 21 states and 5 National Parks.

Yellowstone National Park in May. It’s a good thing you can’t smell pictures because we hadn’t showered in 8 days.

May signaled the start of my fourth year with WinShape Camps, where I served as a Camp Director for 27 college students and thousands of 1st-6th graders. You’d probably know WinShape better as the non-profit arm of Chick-Fil-A. If you’ve bought a chicken sandwich in the last four years, a few pennies of yours ended up in my bank account.


Last week my time with WinShape/Chick-Fil-A ended and I’ve started dreaming towards the next chapter of my story.

What does it look like?

I’m not completely sure, but I have discovered a few things I love:

  • Honest Storytelling – Stories are influential and worth telling.
  • Creative Problem Solving – Finding real solutions to real problems.
  • Doing Stuff That Matters – Working on projects that positively impact people.

Though I lack deep experience in creative branding, I’m determined to spend the next chapter doing work that matters with a team like Proof.

I’d love to share a pint sometime, listen to your story and figure out what opportunities are available to create value for your team. I live in Florida, but will swing the minivan up to Nashville any time you’re available.


[Also – if you’re interested in the vanilla version of my story. My resume is attached to the e-mail that led you here.]