Some Seasons Feel More Like Surgery Than Fireplaces

Life is full of transitions, something my friend Alison knows a thing or two about. Alison is a champion of meaningful conversations and ridiculously fun moments. This is probably the most honest story to come out of this project yet, I'm really grateful for that.  You can follow Alison on Instagram here! :Jordan Many companies have started… Continue reading Some Seasons Feel More Like Surgery Than Fireplaces

I’m Not Important Enough To Be Late (And Neither Are You)

This is a great post from my friend Dan Campbell. Dan is an instigator of good stories, the kind of guy you want on your side when you've got a great idea to pull off. I hope you connect with his writing as much as I do! You can follow him on Twitter here.  :Jordan Punctual. That word gives… Continue reading I’m Not Important Enough To Be Late (And Neither Are You)

Olympics, Here I Come.

Stories are influential. They have power to connect, inspire, teach, and hopefully entertain in a profoundly personal way. The great thing is, everyone has more than a few to share. So I've invited some friends to share segments of their own stories here over the next few weeks. I hope you connect with them. Leading the charge… Continue reading Olympics, Here I Come.