The Holliest, Jolliest Christmas Party Soundtrack

There are all sorts of great parties out there: The birthday party. The wedding party. The deceptively named "study party." Etcetera, etcetera.  However, there is only one King. The real Sultan of Shindigs, the Father of Fiestas, the Jack of Jamborees. The Christmas Party. And if you're not set to attend one this year, it's time to think… Continue reading The Holliest, Jolliest Christmas Party Soundtrack

You’re Doing Thanksgiving Wrong: Here’s 4 Steps to Make It Right

Update 2/11/17: I almost took this down today because it's the most ridiculous thing I've ever published. Fortunately, we all do weird things sometimes and that's probably a good thing to remember so I'll keep it here for your increased enjoyment and my decreased pride. In the late 1950’s something subtly incredible happened that would… Continue reading You’re Doing Thanksgiving Wrong: Here’s 4 Steps to Make It Right

Always Keep a Gorilla Suit in Your Trunk

I knew who I wanted to go to homecoming with, but never picked my guts off the floor to ask her. Consequently, my Friday night plan (or lack thereof) was staying home and browsing the pictures friends posted of the dance, convincing myself I didn’t want to be there anyway. That is, until my friend Brandon asked… Continue reading Always Keep a Gorilla Suit in Your Trunk