Biblical dating isn't very biblical.

Christians have a ton to say about relationships. A quick search returns thousands of articles and books guiding young Christians on how to date right—from the classic I Kissed Dating Goodbye to my personal favorite… Texting Mr. Right. Seriously.  And if you’ve been around church for any amount of time, you’ve heard them. Popular sermons,… Continue reading Biblical dating isn't very biblical.

Death hurts more at Christmas. Move forward anyway.

In the past two years my family lost two grandparents.  We’ve suffered through tragic physical and mental illnesses. Jobs have changed.  People have aged.  Relationships got more complicated.  All to say, the holidays this year are… different.  Not bad, just different. We’re still a very close family. We laugh a ton and share stories for… Continue reading Death hurts more at Christmas. Move forward anyway.

What cancel culture gets wrong about justice.

Before I start this one, let me make something exceptionally clear. There are a full range of reasons celebrities have been cancelled over the past few years, each with varying public reaction. This post is about the vast majority of cases, not the extreme outliers. To put it bluntly—I am not addressing the Epstein's and… Continue reading What cancel culture gets wrong about justice.