You’re probably an amateur.

In all my grand daydreams of the future, success is something that happens overnight. It’s something that someone achieves after a couple days—maybe weeks—of trying.

But that simply isn’t true.

In reality, successful people don’t stride, they take a long series of slow, honest steps towards whatever they’re chasing. For twenty-somethings today, this is what we’re missing. We have big dreams, ideas, ideals and hopes, but don’t always know how to take action on them.

When I try to take steps I’m often entangled and distracted by things like Comparison, Entitlement, and Fear of Commitment.


Today my friend Corinne and I launched a brand new project called Amateur Hour.

We’re going to spend the next 12 weeks exploring what it looks like to take a few practical steps forward instead of waiting for somebody to take them for us. We believe that the twenty-something doers, dreamers, and builders can write the best storyline of any generation ever. But it has to start with real movement.

As self-proclaimed amateurs, we’re excited to figure this out alongside you!

I hope you’ll join us @
Check back every Monday and Thursday for new content.


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