Let’s Talk About You.

I’m committed to honest storytelling because I think it matters.

Living in a generation where false social connection drifts us away from actual interaction, I think stories are all the more important. They’re the most powerful tool we all have for connecting with and influencing the people around us.

The truth is, everyone has stories to share that matter.


Storytelling is the reason this project exists. I have long lists of stories unshared that I’m excited to write about one day and am living a few now that will hopefully be of good influence to others one day. I’m getting tired, however, and assume you might be too.

Tired of sharing mostly my own stories.

I’m just one person, one perspective, one personality, and there are so many more perspectives out there waiting to be shared with the world.

So I want to partner with you.

Yes, you.

I want to share stories of my friends who have something to say. Funny stories, stories that will make us cry, stories that will inspire change or empathy. Stories that may not even have clear morals, but mean a lot to you.

Go on a crazy trip one time? Fail miserably in front of a whole bunch of people? Forced into a crappy situation you didn’t ask for? Had a conversation with someone that changed your world somehow? Eat a bowl of bad Indian food the night before a job interview?

Whether we see each other every day or haven’t met quite yet, let’s talk. I want to listen to stories about your life, your dreams and your failures. We’ll figure out how to share them best, don’t worry about that part.

You matter and your stories matter.

Heck, even if you don’t have something to share with the internet, I’d love to know who’s out there. Tell me about your life, what killer band you’re jamming to right now, a great book I need to read. Whatever.

Here’s my e-mail and phone number, let’s talk.

(941) 323-8874

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