The Holliest, Jolliest Christmas Party Soundtrack

There are all sorts of great parties out there:

The birthday party.
The wedding party.
The deceptively named “study party.”
Etcetera, etcetera. 

However, there is only one King. The real Sultan of Shindigs, the Father of Fiestas, the Jack of Jamborees. The Christmas Party.

And if you’re not set to attend one this year, it’s time to think about throwing one yourself because no holiday season is complete without a proper social celebration of the joy and merriment of Christmas.

But first, a warning to hosts everywhere. Even the best laid plans of Elves and Men are for naught if the party lacks a proper soundtrack. No amount of garland and spiced egg nog can salvage a party without jiving jams.

The right playlist is the most important cheer factor when it comes to a rockin’ celebration of the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. So, to save your Christmas Party from mediocracy, here’s the playlist we’re using at our house’s shindig this year : 

So Feliz Navidad, Charlie Brown, and Happy New Year.
Here’s to having a Wonderful Christmastime, together.


Did I leave your favorite Christmas tune out?
Let me know and I’ll probably add it to the mix. 

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