I’m Still Not a Great Encourager (But Will Be One Day)

On November 12th, I committed to being more encouraging this month by writing notes. My goal was (and still is) to write one more note than I did in October, a total of 5 by graduation day.

As of right now, the scoreboard shows 2. 

Real impressive.

To be honest, throughout the process I’ve found myself not feeling more encouraging and loving, but feeling more shame and disappointment. Frustrated that I can’t crack into a solid routine of loving people well.

Typewriter(I don’t write my notes with a typewriter but it’d be way cooler if I did.) 

Yet, I’ve accomplished more in two months than the entire year of two thousand and fourteen. And even if the moments were small for the 6 people who have received a letter, I’m learning a ton about the messy start on the road towards what’s next.

Success doesn’t happen in a month and a half.
And it sure as heck doesn’t happen in a day.

One day, I hope I’m the guy that writes notes just because. 

Until then, the game is on. I’ve started and there’s no stopping now, even if the start has been messy and disappointing. 

I’ve got ‘til December 12 to write at least 3 more.

If you’ve joined in, how’s it coming? Hard? Easy? Accidentally address one to your ex after having too much to drink last Friday night?

I’d love to hear about it.

(And if you did accidentally address one to your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, I’ll actually buy you Chick-Fil-A to write about it and share it here.)

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