How I’m Going to Be More Encouraging This Month

Last month I planned on being more encouraging.
I say planned because it didn’t actually work. 

Actually, I wasn’t even close to succeeding at my goal.

Some of you are natural encouragers, the kind of people that bring balloons to every lunch and send thoughtful gifts for the smallest occasion.  

I, however, am not that person. I just don’t think about it.
But I want to be more encouraging and I think writing notes is a great way to start.

At the start of October, I started carrying one blank thank you note in my back pocket every day. Right behind my wallet.

My goal was simple, get rid of the note by the end of the day. I would write and deliver a note every day to someone I wanted to thank or encourage.

30 days, 30 notes.

Which all seemed like a great idea until I failed after day two. 

Most days I returned to my room, pulled out the empty card and left it out for another day. In my mind I’d make excuses for whatever circumstance I wanted to blame it on that day:

“Today I was too busy.” (It takes about 60 seconds to write a note) 
“I’ll write two tomorrow to make up for today.” (I never did)
“I didn’t have anyone to thank today.” (The biggest lie of them all)

During the whole month of October, I wrote 4 notes.


I failed, or at least thought I had.
I felt bad about myself and my efforts.

But the other day I realized something great happened.

I sent out 4 more notes last month than I sent the previous 365 days.
And that, my friends, I’m counting as a success.

This month, I’m starting over.
My only goal is to beat 4.

It’s tempting to postpone sharing this until I’ve mastered encouragement. Years down the road, when I’m a freaking encouragement samurai ready to throw thank you cards at my friends like ninja stars.

But that would be boring. That would be safe and comfortable.

So, while I don’t have it figured out, I’d love for you to join me.
Because this kind of thing happens better together.

Maybe keeping it in the back pocket won’t work for you. Maybe it’s your desk, the center console of your car, your bathroom mirror, your purse. I have no idea.

I’m going to keep a card in my back pocket every day until December 12th.
(That’s also the day I graduate. Terrifying, really.)

My goal is to get rid of 5 of them.
I’d love to know if you’re jumping on board, this is going to be fun. 

Let’s do this. 

4 thoughts on “How I’m Going to Be More Encouraging This Month”

  1. What a great idea! My personal approach to almost everything (including things like this) is to “Celebrate the tiny victories.” They are all that really matter, anyway. Without that first step … You can’t walk a mile. Without the first word or note …. There is no song. When you handed someone that first Thank You Note …. you elevated yourself, and the other person. Congratulations.


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