Start Wandering in the Right Direction

My first year of college I was assigned a “success coach” by the university. Supposedly I was selected as a student who could use coaching on how to navigate the next few years of study.

Early on I sat down with my coach—after sleeping through our first appointment in true freshman style—she was a 20-something FSU alumni with a Lady Spirithunter vest proudly displayed on the wall alongside a freshly printed Bachelor’s degree.

“So, what major do you want to pursue here?”

“Good question, I’m not really sure.”

“Well, let’s try something. Here’s a list of every major Florida State offers, cross off every one you definitely DON’T want to do.”

Seemed easy enough, I began.

Accounting – Numbers make my head hurt.
Actuarial science – What is that? The study of aquariums? Acting? Farm culture?
Art Therapy – I can’t draw an adequate stick figure, much less teach someone else.

The internal monologue continued for ten minutes or so. My coach sat at her computer apparently sending an e-mail or two while waiting on my all-knowing revelation which would light up the path to success and happiness forever.

Except I soon found myself at the bottom of the list.

“I don’t want to do any of these.”

“Um… okay. Well…” She was a bit flustered.

“I think I’ll go into business.”

“Alright then, let’s go for that.”

And for the last 3+ years I’ve been stumbling through the course guide to earn a Marketing degree without God ever dropping a map from the sky with my next 12 life decisions laid out clearly.

And it’s okay because even though I’m not completely sure of my decisions all the time, I know I’m wandering with direction.

We weren’t left on Earth without any guidance, we’ve been given all we need to take the next step. God has given us a unique design, a role to fill with purpose, and a team of people to wander alongside.

It shines in those moments you take on a challenge and come alive in solving it.
When there’s a task at hand you do better and easier than everyone else.
The things keeping you up at night, those that give you the most joy.

We have design, we have purpose, and we have each other.

When I’ve been stumped by the future (which is very often) I think about what things I’m good at (design), where I can fill a need (purpose), and discuss it with friends who really know me. Friends who will listen as I process all the complexities of the decision, and point out the blind spots I often miss. Friends who might even come along for the voyage. 

Somewhere along the way, I’ve made decisions and done my best to act with purpose.

If it’s a success, great. Let’s do something like that again.
If not, I know what doesn’t work for next time.
Usually I end up somewhere between the two.

We have purpose, we have design, and we have each other.
Don’t let the daunting list of crossed off majors keep you from wandering in the right direction.

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