Hey there!

This isn’t the first writing project I’ve dreamed of starting, but it is the first one anyone has read.

You see, I’ve tried to write before. I’ve spent hours dreaming of finding some niche topic that would radically transform the lives of my thousands of readers. My friends would believe I was a master of rhetoric, ideas and life itself.

“You’re the guy that wrote that one blog!” Strangers on the street would exclaim. 

“I mean, I don’t like to brag… but yes, I did start the greatest movement this generation has ever seen with a stroke of a pen. Made it into a few history books, if I’m not mistaken. Do you want my autograph?”

Funny, because none of that ever happened.

I wrote out a draft about definitively finding clear vision for the future and creating a complete life plan. I tried to write about, “How to Do College Well.” Giving students the ultimate guide to making the most of their 4 (5, 6, 10?) years of study. I searched for topics that would be unique, powerful, influential. 

And they all sucked.
Like, really sucked.

The reason being, I’m not an expert at any of those.
In fact, I’m not an expert at anything.

So I’m leaving the big topics for men and women better than I.
Instead, I’m going to share the things I know and believe in most. Stories.

I believe stories have unbelievable power to influence and connect.
Power to teach and entertain, power to speak to us in the most influential ways.

So here’s the new plan: I’m going to write out stories from my life and what I learned from them. Hopefully, somewhere along the way, you learn something about your own story.

That’s it.
Let’s do this.

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